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CD NSmen & NSF

Counselling Service

The transition from a relatively casual and relaxed civilian life to a highly disciplined environment in the uniformed organisation is often a difficult process. Thus, informal, friendly and confidential counseling and interviews services provided by the SCDF CARE Management Team and Para Counsellors are available to ensure NSF with any problem receives proper guidance and assistance.


The services include:

  • Monthly interviews with the Platoon Commander (PC) or supervisor.
  • Interviews that are requested as and when required.
  • Dialogues with Orientation Officer and / or Para Counsellors who are monitoring the morale and welfare of trainees undergoing BRT.
  • Arranged consultation sessions with the SCDF CARE Management Team.


NSF can also contact the 24 hour SCDF consulting line 1800-2866666 for consultation should the need arises. NSF could seek help from the Medical Officer (MO) directly if the problems are of a medical nature.

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Last updated on 19th Nov 2017