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CD NSmen & NSF

Life in Training Camp

Full Time National Servicemen (NSF) of Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) will attend the Basic Rescue Training (BRT) whereby Civil Defence skills will be taught through participation in field exercise, lectures and proficiency tests. These include:

  • Footdrill
  • First Aid
  • Rescue Skills
  • Basic Fire Fighting Skills
  • Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT)
  • Standard Obstacle Course
  • Rescue Equipment Proficiency Test (REPT)
  • Rescue Operation Exercise
  • Swimming and Field Sports

During the basic training, NSF will be required to stay in the camp. The company name and platoon number would be made known to NSF once they are enlisted. NSFs are supposed to pass this information to their families so that they can be reached for any emergency calls at the Basic Rescue Training Camp during the following periods:

During office hours (0800hrs – 1730hrs)
A (Alpha) Company Line: 6 794 5750, 6 794 5751
B (Bravo) Company Line: 6 794 5752, 6 794 5753
C (Charlie) Company Line: 6 794 5754, 6 794 5755
D (Delta) Coy Line : 6 794 5305, 6 794 5306

After Office Hours / Weekends
Duty Officer’s Office: 6 794 5723, 6 794 5724

Upon completion of BRT, NSF will attend their respective vocation courses and be assigned to one of the following vocations:


Medical Orderly



Dog Handler


Fire Fighter

Rescuer (Special Rescue Bn)

Fire & Rescue Specialist


Info Comms Operator


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Last updated on 22nd Nov 2017