CD NSmen & NSF

Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT)



  • The new three-station test format comprises of push-up, sit-up, and 2.4km run. These stations will measure the strength and cardiovascular fitness of the officers (see Table 1).


Table 1: IPPT Options based on PES Status


Basic Fitness Component

IPPT Station

Points Allotted

Upper body strength and endurance



Abdominal strength and endurance



Cardiovascular fitness, and lower body strength and endurance

2.4km run






  • For purpose of the test, participants are grouped into 3-year age bands according to their age as at the 1st day of the work year.  The age categories are as given in Table 2 below.


Table 2: IPPT Age Banding from 1st April 2015




National Servicemen Full-time (NSFs)


  • From 1st Apr 2015, all full time National Servicemen (NSF) must take the new 3-station IPPT. The IPPT requirements for NSF will take reference from their Date of Enlistment (DOE) with effect from 1st Sep 2014, i.e. if an NSF is enlisted on 1st Sep 2014, his 1st year IPPT requirement is to take and clear his IPPT by 31st Aug 2015, and his 2nd year requirement will be from 1st Sep 2015 to 31 Aug 2016.


Table 3: Home Team IPPT Award Eligibility


HT - Award Type

Total Points Required


Pass (NSmen)



Pass with Incentive (NSmen)

Pass (Active – Regular & NSF)


NSmen - $200



NSF - $200
NSmen - $300



NSF - $300
NSmen - $500

Gold (DART/STAR/SOC (1)/SECCOM (1) and (2)


NSF - $300
NSmen - $500


  • All NSF enlisted from 1st Sep 2013 onwards will be eligible for the new IPPT incentives of $300 for gold award and $200 for silver award for test taken from 1st Sep 2014 onwards with the incentives capped at $300 for gold and $200 for silver for each qualifying year of enlistment. (NSF enlisted between 1st Sep 2013 to 30 Aug 2014 will only qualify for the new incentive the test taken in their 2nd year of enlistment.)
  • Please click here for more details of the IPPT scoring tables.

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Last updated on 10th Jun 2015