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Fire Safety

In Place Protection (IPP) for Non-Residential Buildings

In the event of a hazardous release, which may arise either from terrorist attacks or even industrial accidents, it is critical to determine what is the most appropriate protective action to adopt to safeguard the lives of the affected population. Where circumstances permit, the affected population should be evacuated in a co-ordinated manner away from the dangerous environment. However, hazardous release often occur instantaneously resulting in short reaction time. Under such circumstances, the most viable option would be to seek protection in-doors wherever you are and therein lies the concept of IPP.




In the case of non-residential premises like factories or offices, where buildings often differ in structure and specifications, there is a need for a proper IPP plan that is customised to each building's unique features. The plan should be updated and practised regularly, to help familiarise and safeguard its building occupants in the event that IPP is activated.


To assist building owners and management in developing an appropriate IPP Plan, please click below for more information:

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Last updated on 19th Nov 2017