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Fire Safety

Performance-Based Provisions Code Structure

The performance-based provisions in the revised Fire Code are structured according to the following format:

(i) Root objectives

Root objectives spell out the intents of the Fire Code.

(ii) Sub-objectives


Sub-objectives define the conditions to fulfil the intents as spelt out in the root objectives.


Under the performance-based regulatory system, there can be 3 approaches to the design of fire safety works :




(i) Performance-based approach



(ii) Prescriptive (Deemed-to-satisfy) approach *



(iii) Hybrid of performance-based and prescriptive approach


* Prescriptive requirements of the Fire Code are known as 'deemed-to-satisfy' requirements in the performance-based regulatory system.

Figure 1 : Flowchart illustrating the 3 approaches to design of fire safety works

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Last updated on 22nd Nov 2017