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Fire Safety

Petroleum and Flammable Material Licences


Petroleum and flammable materials (P&FM) can pose fire risks and endanger life and property in the event of fire. Given the current security climate, it is also important that such materials do not fall into the hands of terrorists or their collaborators and be used as weapons for mass destruction. There is thus the need for the licensing control and to step up the safety measures for the movement and distribution of P&FM in Singapore.


Under the Fire Safety (P&FM) Regulations 2013, import (not including export), pipeline, transport and storage of P&FM are under the SCDF licensing control. Anyone who intends to import, transport or store petroleum or flammable materials beyond the stipulated exemption quantities is required to obtain a licence from SCDF.


We set, maintain and enforce a high standard of fire safety in buildings so as to ensure a safe and secure home and work place in Singapore. To know more on P&FM Licence scheme please click the below:


*Note: Enquiry on QRA or TQRA, please email to [email protected] or click HERE to know more on QRA


There are 4 types of P&FM Licences as listed below:

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Last updated on 10th Jan 2018