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Fire Safety of Buildings with Cladding

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Everyday Guardians

50 years of NS in the Home Team


Home Fire Alarm Device

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New Emergency Medical Service Response Framework

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  • 3rd Nov 2017 / 06:35 pm

    everyday guardians
    This book chronicles 50 years of NS in the HT, and its evolution to become the modern fighting force that the SPF and SCDF is today. The book features interesting stories from...

  • 24th Oct 2017 / 09:51 am

    The application for Registered Inspector is opened from 1 Nov 2017 to 30 Nov 2017.


    You may find the Registered Inspector application form at the page here.



  • 3rd Oct 2017 / 12:02 pm

    The Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC) is organising a National Chemical Management & GHS Awareness Seminar. The Seminar is supported by members of the National Chemical Management & Globally Harmonised System (GHS) Task Force to share the Task Force’s initiatives to drive chemical management and GHS, with an update on the overview of the developments in Singapore and to...

  • 17th Oct 2017 / 04:11 pm

    Due to overwhelming response from the public, this course is already fully subscribed. There are no more vacancies left for the 26th Dec to 31st Jan intake of the FSM course. The subsequent intake will be held from 12th Feb to 21st Mar 2018. It will open for registration around end December to early January. Please check this webpage for more information closer to that time period.


Press Releases


  • What makes a hero? Is it Courage? Selflessness? Or is it risking one's own life in order to save another's?


    Find out in the SCDF Workplan Seminar 2015/16 video

  • This is a three-year pilot programme where 100 SMRT taxis will have Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)  installed in their vehicles. These specially-equipped taxis will increase the availability of AEDs in the community.  In the event of sudden cardiac arrest, an AED can be delivered quickly to the scene, thus helping to improve the chances of survival for the victim.  The programme to ‘...

  • The Singapore-Global Firefighters & Paramedics Challenge is an annual event where rescuers, firefighters and paramedics from the 4 SCDF Divisions and the elite rescue teams from the region and beyond gather to compete against one another in various demanding scenarios related to fire fighting, rescue, medical emergencies and Hazmat management.


    Opening hours:

    13 November...

  • The new Home Team video “Our Guardians” portrays the dedication and commitment of Home Team officers in fulfilling our mission and putting their lives on the line every day in the course of their duty. Do watch it and be moved!

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