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Visit SCDF Establishments

Learn life-saving skills in an interactive and fun-filled manner by visiting SCDF's Civil Defence Heritage Gallery, Emergency Preparedness Centre and Fire Stations.


  • Emergency Preparedness Centre
    • The 280m2 EPC is the first of its kind purpose-built centre in Singapore which utilizes highly visual and interactive exhibits to impart emergency preparedness knowledge and skills to its visitors of all ages. Some of these exhibits include the fire extinguisher simulator which discharges water onto a video wall depicting a few incipient fire scenarios as well as interactive mannequins for visitors to try out the Heimlich manoeuvre and CPR procedure


  • Civil Defence Heritage Gallery/Lookout Tower Tour
    • CD Heritage Gallery Visit
      • Embark on a tour of the past and learn about the latest fire fighting and rescue technology developed and used by the SCDF. There are customised interactive stations for a close-up experience of what fire fighters and rescuers undergo in an operation.
    • Lookout Tower Tour 
      • Get the chance to experience the routine duty of the watch-duty fireman in the 1900s – how he would climb up a steep spiral staircase of about 10 meters in height, 36 narrow steps and 18 rungs of cat ladder to reach the top of the tower – just so that he could help look out for fires and prevent ravage and destruction.


  • Fire Station Openhouse
    • Learn about the daily operations of a Fire Station, the different roles of SCDF and the Civil Defence system manned by personnel on round-the-clock standby.


The Fire Station Openhouse is not available at the following fire stations.

  • Banyan Fire Station
  • Jurong Island Fire Station
  • Tuas Fire Station
  • Tuas View Fire Station
  • West Coast Marine Fire Station
  • Brani Marine Fire Station
  • Sentosa Fire Station
  • Marina Bay Fire Station

No personal functions (for example birthday parties) are allowed at the fire stations' premises. The open house is strictly for educational and informational purposes.

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Last updated on 14th Mar 2018