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Civil Defence Shelter

CD Shelter Information

Procedures for Shelter Occupation

When the need arises (e.g. before the onset of a war emergency), the SCDF would increase the public education programmes to prepare the population on precautionary and protective measures. Residents will be advised to prepare the shelter for occupation and adopt the appropriate procedures for shelter occupation. Upon the sounding of the "Alarm" signal from the Public Warning System (PWS), the occupants are to move into the shelter. During their stay in the shelter, they are advised to tune in to local TV or radio for important messages issued by the authorities. Once the "All Clear" signal is sounded, the occupants can leave the shelter and resume their daily routine.


CD Shelter Sign

To identify a CD Public Shelter, look out for the CD shelter sign. It is a triangular sign, consisting of yellow and black background. There is a white CD logo within a black triangle. The word “Shelter” is marked in black letters on the yellow background.


This sign denotes a civil defence public shelter. You will see it near or at the places where the shelters are located.

CD Shelter logo

Locate your nearest CD Shelter

Click here to locate your nearest CD Shelter.

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Last updated on 6th Sep 2017