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CD NSmen & NSF



SCDF Alumni members would get to enjoy the following privileges:



  • Participation in Civil Defence Activities
    Members will be invited to participate in major Civil Defence events as well as social activities organised by SCDF.
  • Support in Professional Engagement
    The SCDF would be able to support our Alumni members via specifying their past working experience, certification attained and performance in SCDF to employers seeking endorsement of their professionalism
  • Job Placement and Referrals
    SCDF would refer job openings in the public and private sectors to members who requested assistance in seeking employment.
  • Special Discount for attending Civil Defence Academy (CDA) Courses
    SCDF Alumni Members are entitled to 10% discount for the following external courses offered by CDA.

    Fire and Rescue Courses        
    Basic Ship Fire Fighting Course
    Advanced Ship Fire Fighting Course
    Fire and Rescue Course for CERT (Buildings)
    Fire and Rescue Course for CERT (HazMat Industries)
    Confined Space Entry and Rescue Course
    Breathing Apparatus Course
    Fire and Rescue Coordinator Course (Amusement Rides)

    HazMat Courses
    Basic CBRE Course for Emergency Response Team
    Advanced CBRE Course for Emergency Response Team
    HazMat Transport Driver Cours
    HazMat Transport Driver Re-Certification Test
    Emergency Response Plan Preparation Course

    Incident Management Course
    Incident Management Course

    Fire Safety Courses
    Fire Safety Course for Registered Inspector
    Fire Safety Manager Course
    Pre-Enrolment Test (Science)
    Pre-Enrolment Test (Mathematics)
    Fire Safety Workshop for Building Professionals

    Enrolment can be done through e-registration online at the following website:

    For more information on the courses and registration, please contact CDA at Tel: 6794 5606 or Fax: 6794-5591.
  • All SCDF Messes
    Members are entitled to free flow of drinks (non-alcoholic), tit-bits and use of mess facilities to socialize with fellow SCDF Alumni members and SCDF officers. Entry to messes is by membership identification.
  • Special Discount and Promotion
    Members would enjoy special corporate discount and promotion extended to SCDF personnel.

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Last updated on 25th Oct 2017